Facial exercises: top yoga poses to keep your face in shape

You’ve practised your downward-facing dog and perfected your cobra pose – the next area to get the yogi treatment is your face. Facial exercises are believed to firm and tone your skin, as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Now that's a workout worth making time for.

How does face yoga work?

Using your facial muscles in a specific, targeted way gives all the layers of your skin (the lower hypodermis, the middle dermis and the upper epidermis) a workout. You'll give your blood circulation boost, which helps to nourish and regenerate your skin’s cells with the oxygen it needs. Not only will your skin look brighter and healthier, it'll have fewer toxins flowing around. Your collagen levels will get a helpful step up too. That’s not the only benefit of facial yoga – just like the full body version, it can be an intensely calming, meditative experience.

Top three face yoga exercises

Here are three quick and easy facial yoga poses to try. As you can do them anytime and anywhere, it's easy to fit them into your daily routine.

1. 'The V'

Benefits: reduces crows feet and circles under the eyes.

How to do it: Make two V-shapes with your middle and index fingers. Apply gentle pressure with your middle fingers to your inner eyebrows and with your index fingers to the outer edges. Look upwards, relax and hold this position for at least ten seconds. Repeat up to six times.

2. The Forehead Smoother

Benefits: helps to prevent forehead wrinkles.

How to do it: Ball your hands into fists. With the knuckles, press into the middle of your forehead with a moderate amount of pressure. Maintaining the tension, pull your fists outwards to press into your temples. Repeat four times.

3. The Giraffe

Benefits: smoothes lines and strengthens skin on the neck. How to do it: With your fingertips resting at the base of your neck, pull the skin gently downwards, while tilting your head back. Bring the head all the way down to the chest and repeat.

Anything else?

To really feel the benefits of face yoga, you should aim to practice for around 20 minutes at least six days a week – hello tight, glowing skin. Namaste to that.