Keep fit this Christmas

The season of goodwill and cheer often comes along hand-in-hand with lots of food, drink and plenty of time on the sofa. Get a head start on the New Year’s resolution crowds with our tips for keeping fit this Christmas.     

1. Stay active    

Working out might be the last thing on your mind during the Christmas season, but trying to keep fit now will stop you feeling sluggish after the break so you can snap back into action come New Year's Day. You don’t have to head out for a run  –  stay active by power walking to the shops or escaping the city and going for a picturesque country walk.     

2. Set realistic goals   

It’s a busy time of year, so be realistic with your workout schedule. Cut down your time at the gym on busy days and settle for a half-hour workout rather than missing it altogether. If you set yourself unrealistic goals, you’re likely to be disappointed when you can’t reach them. Don't let your motivation take a hit.     

3. Drink in moderation  

Alcohol has a lot of hidden calories that are easily overlooked when you’re enjoying yourself. A shot of tequila has around 100 calories, while a bottle of beer has 150. If you're heading to a party, choose a low-calorie mixer like tonic with your tipple of choice.     

4. Remember to have fun    

It’s Christmas – nobody wants to be missing out on the festive family meal and the Christmas pudding. Don’t pressure yourself to cut the odd treat.     

5. Drink water    

Drinking lots of water helps to keep you hydrated and holds hunger at bay. A glass of water could help to curb the craving for those tempting sugary snacks around the office, so your good intentions don’t crack.     

6. Don’t skip meals   

Make sure you eat breakfast every day and don’t skip meals, even if you know you’ll be eating a big dinner later on. Overnight porridge is a quick and healthy breakfast that’s packed with slow-releasing energy.     

7. Supplement your diet    

Even with the best intentions, your diet probably isn’t going to be in top shape this Christmas. Adding a supplement to your routine will make sure you’re getting the nutrients your body needs. Our Clean Me supplement is perfect for keeping winter bugs at bay.     

8. Keep your fridge healthy   

If you’re going to be visiting relatives for Christmas dinner, try to keep the food you have at home healthy. This will help to stop you snacking when you’re not hungry and will ensure you eat plenty of clean meals between Christmas and New Year .     

9. Get plenty of protein    

Load your plate with green vegetables and lean meat on Christmas Day for a low-fat dinner. Turkey is a great source of protein  –  make the most of leftover meat with healthy dishes like Thai turkey curry and turkey ramen.  

10. Get plenty of sleep    

Making sure you get plenty of rest can help you stay fit over Christmas. Not only will getting eight hours a night keep you feeling refreshed and energised, studies have shown that those who sleep well regularly maintain a lower BMI.