Molybdenum magic: how can this mineral benefit your health?

Molybdenum might not be the easiest mineral to pronounce, but it plays a key role in fundamental biological functions of the body. Supplementing your diet with molybdenum could help to detoxify your liver and kidneys and give your metabolism a real boost – great news for busy bodies.

Finding molybdenum

This mineral is an easy one to work into your diet and can be found in lots of readily available, super green foods. Beans, peas, lentils and leafy vegetables all contain molybdenum. The recommended daily amount for an adult is 45mcg; to boost your intake, throw some runner beans and leafy greens into a stir fry or spice up a lentil-rich tarka dhal to serve as a side dish.

Supercharge your antioxidants

Molybdenum helps to activate enzymes that act as antioxidants in blood cells. Antioxidants eradicate free radicals and keep your immune system healthy so that it can fight off illness. If you often feel run down or lethargic, squeeze more antioxidants into your diet to prop up your body's defences and leave you feeling brighter.

Detoxify your body

As well as delivering plenty of antioxidants, one of the molybdenum benefits is that it helps to detoxify your body. Toxins in alcohol and pollution can wreak quiet havoc on your health. This mineral activates enzymes that are essential to waste removal from the liver and kidneys. It helps to flush toxins and excess copper out of the body.

Get an energy boost

If you’re suffering from a post-lunch slump, molybdenum could help to give you an energy boost. The mineral is essential to the breakdown of carbohydrates and proteins to turn them into energy. It also helps to speed up your metabolism. Get an extra kick in the afternoons by mixing some cooked beans into a leafy salad for lunch. Molybdenum found in these foods should be turned into energy in time for a post-work trip to the gym.

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