Superdrinks: sip your way to a healthier (and more refreshed) you

In the mid noughties we took our first sip of coconut water, and we’ve never looked back. It’s now just one of a new breed of health-boosting, fresh-tasting superdrinks that can replace sugar-stuffed juices and plain old H2O for on-the-go refreshment.

These new waters are a quick and natural way to replenish the important minerals sweated out during your morning spin class or hot yoga session. Take a sip from three of our favourites.

Coconut water benefits

Coconut water’s an old-timer in the superdrink game but it’s not going anywhere – the clear liquid found inside young coconuts graces gym bags from Tokyo to San Fran. It’s packed full of the vital electrolytes that you sweat out during exercise (potassium and magnesium) so it’s even more hydrating than water. It’s much more natural than sports drinks and contains less sugar and fewer calories. Plus, thanks to the tropical taste you can pretend you’re on the beach in Hawaii while you rest between sets.

Always check that you’re buying as natural a product as possible and steer clear of the sweetened varieties – we love Vita Coco and CocoPro.

Birch water benefits

Not content with water from fruit, the health world’s gone one step further – with water from trees. Birch water, which tastes crisp and sweet, is full of the same electrolytes as coconut water but contains even less sugar so is perfect for those cutting the sweet stuff from their diets. Its detoxifying properties have given it a medicinal status in Nordic, Eastern European and Chinese cultures. As a powerful diuretic, it helps to flush out toxins and excess water from your body, giving your liver and kidneys a boost as well as helping keep weight down and reducing cellulite. It’s also rich in saponins which can help lower cholesterol.

Watermelon water benefits

From the wittily named ‘What A Melon’ to the edgy (and Beyoncé-backed) ‘WTRMLN WTR’, watermelon water is the latest thirst-quenching, natural elixir to hit the shelves. It’s made by cold-pressing the watermelon flesh and rind with a sharp burst of lemon, preserving all the nutrients and antioxidants found in the fruit. As well as containing plenty of potassium and other electrolytes, it also has L-Citrulline – an amino acid that helps soothes sore muscles. The refreshing, sweet taste makes it the perfect post-run drink.

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