Gabriela Peacock Nutrition provides individualized dietary and lifestyle guidance tailored to support your health and wellbeing.
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“Gabriela looks like a picture of health, she inspires me to follow her programme which fits easily into my busy schedule and has provided positive changes to my lifestyle.” Anna Friel Actress “Gabriela has transformed the way I think about and approach food. I’ve learned so much through her sessions, especially about the science of it all. I already feel (and look) so much better!” Serena Nikkhah Executive Fashion Editor, Vogue “My consultation with Gabriela was amazing. Health and fitness play such a big part in mine and my family’s lifestyles, and Gabi gave me loads of useful tips and easy tweaks that I can fit around my current lifestyle. I will be telling my friends to pay her a visit!” Jodie Kidd Model and Television Presenter “Health, diet & fitness are vitally important things to me as a singer. Gabi has helped me add new things into my lifestyle to make me feel stronger and boost my energy levels whilst on the go - its been a really valuable and interesting experience.” Katherine Jenkins Classical Singer “I am so impressed by Gabriela's combination of science, common sense, and intuition. I've always considered myself a super-healthy vegetarian, in slight denial re dramatic mood and energy swings. With a few tweaks (and added protein!) and valuable advice, within a couple of weeks I felt rebalanced, revitalised and set up with nutritional tools for life.” Laura Bailey Model, Writer & Contributing Editor to British Vogue “My session with Gabi was a great and helpful reminder on how we can all maintain a healthier diet with a hectic schedule. She gave me lots of useful tips - thanks Gabi!” Donna Air Actress, Presenter & Broadcaster
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The GPnutrition Guide to…
Long Haul Survival

by Gabriela |

Diet Tips to Keep Hydrated and Healthy When Flying and Combating Jet Lag Busy work schedules increasingly involve international travel. Combined with frequent flying to sunnier shores to relax and unwind means time zone changes, trouble sleeping and throws our eating pattern out of balance. Here are a few of Gabriela’s top tips to support your […]

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