Acerola cherry: a saviour for your skin

You may be strict about drinking plenty of water, exercising daily and taking all of your makeup off at night, but there's even more you can do to plump up your collagen count and achieve firm and smooth skin. Let us introduce you to the acerola cherry – a skin-saving superhero.

What is an acerola cherry?

Also known as Barbados cherries, these unassuming little red berries grow in warm climates, like those of South America and the hotter states of the USA, including Texas and Florida. Despite their name, they’re not related to the regular cherries we know and love.

What are the health benefits of acerola cherries?

This superfood is incredibly rich in unique flavonoids, which offer the body potent antioxidant protection. This has a hugely beneficial effect on collagen levels, supporting the strength of your skin and helping to promote a healthy, glowing complexion. This makes them a warrior against ageing. Not only do they help the body to cleanse itself of harmful toxins, but the high volume of carotenoids they contain means they're great for keeping your eyes healthy.

Acerola cherries also provide more vitamin C than many other food sources – in fact, they have an incredible 13 times more vitamin C than the same volume of orange juice. This makes them your immune system’s best friend. They’re also a great source of vitamin A and iron, which help to combat tiredness.

How can I work acerola cherries into my diet?

These berries don't last long after they’re picked, so are mostly available (and best consumed) in juices, supplements and powders. Acerola cherry powder tastes great whizzed up with a breakfast smoothie for an unbeatable blast of vitamin C first thing in the morning.

Acerola cherry is also one of the active ingredients in our Enhance Me supplement. Enhance Me has been formulated using a range of powerful antioxidant ingredients to revitalise you from the inside out, helping keep your skin dewy and you hair thick and healthy.